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Turn-around Time

The turn around time for processing orders varies depending upon the volume of orders that are being processed and can increase during new product releases, and during the second week each month, (this is when I am processing the PPU shipment), during brand launches or following vacation shut downs. During the COVID-19 outbreak, the turn around time is likely to vary a lot, but I will do my best to post the expected times below.

All postal delivery services are extremely slow right now, due to a larger than usual volume as everyone is ordering their essentials on line, as well as increased protocols for postal employees for sanitation and disinfection.  Please be aware that your package may take longer than you are used to, to be delivered. It's not uncommon for packages going to the US to take more than two weeks.

DELAYED SHIPPING: Some orders are experiencing severe delays. They are still in the system but they are moving. This is not unique to packages coming from Canada. Many small businesses in the US have also reported packages that are not being scanned, or are simply not moving and have not arrived at their destination yet. Slowly but surely they are beginning to move, and they are trickling in. I realize this is frustrating, but I ask that you please remain patient as we wait for the backlogs to clear out. If your package does in fact go missing altogether, we can discuss a refund or replacement. We just need to give it time since packages are still arriving.


CURRENT TURN-AROUND TIME: ESTIMATED AT 10-14 BUSINESS DAYS* (Business days are Monday-Friday, excluding holidays)

This is my best estimate, and is subject to change.
Check below to see exactly where your order is in our shipping queue.

  • Updated September 22, 2021
  • TaT excludes pre-orders, closures, weekends and holidays.
  • Next Canadian holiday: Canadian Thanksgiving- Monday, Oct 11, 2021.



Most pre-orders will have an estimated turnaround time of approximately 4-6 weeks. This will fluctuate depending on the vendors ability to fulfill the orders, plus shipping time and customs clearance. Statuses will be updated as we receive updates.


  1. Stop Asian Hate charity event mysteries
  2. Zodiac Monthly Mystery polish (Aries & Taurus)
  3. Serpentine collection
  4. Matterhorn X Ethereal Honey Collab


    • This package is stuck in customs, and we have opened a trace on it.


    • This shipment is currently held up in customs, and we are working on tracking it down and getting it here asap. On July 26th we opened an international trace on the package, and the USPS investigation can take up to 32 days. We will keep you updated on any information we receive. While these Ethereal pre-orders had a known long turn-around time, the customs situation has delayed it even further. I understand this is an excessive amount of time, and I am so sorry for that. This was completely out of our hands. If you would like to cancel your order, please send me an email at info@girlybitspolish.com with your order number, and I can offer you a refund or a store credit. There is no time limit for this. Thank you for your understanding.


Firstly, I would like to thank you for your understanding and extreme patience regarding the shipping snafu with the Ethereal Serpentine pre-order shipment. While pre-orders are becoming the norm, and always have long turnaround times when the package is coming internationally, additional delays make it painful. In the 8 years since I expanded the Girly Bits brand to include being a stockist, I have only had two packages be massively delayed or go missing altogether. In the first case, the package was sent back to the maker eventually, and was re-shipped to me without issue.
Unfortunately in the case of the Ethereal Serpentine shipment (which includes Taurus and Aries, as well as the Honey Collab) the trace we opened with USPS has closed, and the package has still not surfaced.
I will be shipping partial orders with all items that I have in stock, and issuing refunds for the missing Ethereal items. Unfortunately, Ethereal is unable to make replacement products.
I am so sorry, I had hoped to have better news for you and I realize this is extremely disappointing. Both Meagan and I have done everything we can to try and resolve this with a better outcome but it is truly out of our control, and with the broken supply chain, creating replacements is not feasible.
Refunds will be issued via Paypal at the end of each day after the shipping for that day is complete. So if you receive a shipping notification email, please be patient while I manually refund each missing item at the end of the day.
Thank you again for your support, and faith in me. I will always do my best to not let you down and while sometimes things happen, I will always make it right.


Good news! We were able to secure SOME replacements (Sunset Ophidia and the Scales Mystery Bags) and we have the Sunbeam Mystery Bags which is the only part of the original shipment that made it here. Orders with those items will be fulfilled, and the remainder will be issued a refund. (*or store credit if preferred)

  • PPU Rewind Afterparty + Girly Bits Buttcoin 
    • The final items from the PPU rewind have arrived at last after being held in customs, and we are in the process of shipping all remaining orders out as quickly as possible. I am hoping to be finished by Tuesday Sept 28th but I will update here, closer to this weekend. My sincere apologies for this unexpected delay. We had anticipated all items arriving from vendors by Aug 30, but several were held in customs for quite some time. 


  • Fair Maiden August Releases:
    • These are expected to arrive at Girly Bits early/mid Sept.


  • Nailed It Hawaii Book Club Collection pre-order:
    • These have arrived, and shipping has begun.


  • Bee’s Knees From Blood And Ash Pt 2.
    • These are expected to arrive at Girly Bits mid-end of September.


  • Nailed It 6th Indieversary Collection.

    • These are expected to ship late September.


  • Lumen Hocus Pocus collection

    • These are expected to ship late September/early October.





  • Starbeam Lost Worlds collection (POSTPONED)


  • Bee’s Knees Lacquer Fear Street Anniversary collection.
    • Pre-order September 24 @12 noon Eastern - October 2nd @ 11pm Eastern.




Polish Pickup: Pre-order October 1-4 at PPU. Exclusively at https://polishpickup.com

Hella Handmade Creations: Pre-order October 14 - 21. Exclusively at https://hellahandmadecreations.com/ 

Project Artistry Monthly Collab: Pre-order September 23 - 27. Exclusively at https://shopprojectartistry.com/ 


Most pre-orders will have an estimated turnaround time of approximately 4-6 weeks. This will fluctuate depending on the vendors ability to fulfill the orders, plus shipping time and customs clearance. Statuses will be updated as we receive updates.

Where is your order in our shipping queue?

Orders placed on or before Aug 29 have been processed for shipping. 

Orders placed Aug 30 - Sept 5 are expected to be processed for shipping by the end of the day Sept 24.

Orders placed Sept 6 - Sept 12 are expected to be processed for shipping by the end of the day Oct 1.

Orders placed Sept 13 - Sept 19 are expected to be processed for shipping by the end of the day Oct 12.

Orders placed Sept 20 - Sept 26 are expected to be processed for shipping by the end of the day Oct 18.




  • If you place multiple orders and your order has not already been packed for shipping,  you can request that I combine multiple orders.
  • Please leave a comment in your second order with the order number for your first order, and request combined orders.
  • Combined multiple orders will receive a refund for any shipping overages paid when the package is processed for shipping.
  • If you plan on combining orders on a regular basis, please contact me to arrange a custom hold/combine order code {info@girlybitspolish.com}



  • Orders containing a pre-order item will be held for shipping until the release date of the pre-ordered item.
  • If there are products in the order that are not pre-order items they will be set aside and shipped at the same time as the pre-ordered item.
  • We cannot split the order for shipping without charging separate shipping charges for each parcel that is mailed.
  • Pre-orders can have a long turn-around-time, especially if the brand is international and the product has to clear customs.



If you have not received a shipping notification email from us, please check your inbox (or spam/junk folder). Alternately, you can always LOGIN TO YOUR GIRLY BITS ACCOUNT to check the status of your order.



The turn-around time for orders begins the business day (excludes weekends and holidays) following the date the order was placed.

The total time that it will take for your package to reach you is turn-around time plus shipping time.

We cannot guarantee a parcel will arrive on or before a specific date.

You can check the status of your order by signing in to your ACCOUNT.

You will receive a shipping notification email once your parcel has shipped. Please ensure that Girly Bits Cosmetics is added to your safe sender list so that you do not miss your notification.

If you have any questions or concerns about an outstanding order please do not hesitate to CONTACT US and we would be more than happy to help!


Pandemic Protocol


To our dear friends and customers,

During this unprecedented time of uncertainty due to the COVID-19 outbreak, I wanted to let you know how we are responding to the situation here at Girly Bits. 

  • We are now a one person team, as I have been working alone, and with out my usual staff since March 10th 2020.
  • Sanitation and disinfection measures in both the workshop and our home, have increased significantly and you can rest assured that we are taking every precaution possible.
  • Our family of two adults have been practising strict social distancing since March 10th 2020, and no one comes into our home.
  • I will be reducing dispatch days to twice weekly (possibly even once weekly) instead of daily, to limit exposure to our postal workers. Packing of orders will continue here in the shop 5 days a week (M-F) **because of this, you may receive a notification that your order has been processed for shipping, but your package may not be picked up here for several days after that.
  • Since I am now working alone, I find myself fumbling my way through the time management of covering all the necessary jobs here, to safely pack and ship your orders in a timely manner. I appreciate your patience while I get used to this myself and respectfully ask for your understanding if I am unable to stick to my target turn around time. I assure you, I will be doing the best I can and I will update the turn around time weekly, to reflect my anticipated workload.
  • At this time we don't expect there to be a huge impact on our ability to fulfill and ship orders with in North America, with the exception of much longer than usual delivery times for international packages (including the US) but I will continue to monitor the situation and keep you informed of any significant changes. 
  • There have been some new restrictions put in place regarding shipping to certain countries over-seas due to Covid-19. If you place an order and it is not able to be shipped, I will contact you to see if you want me to hold it, or if you would prefer a refund. If you would prefer your over-seas order be held regardless, please leave a note in your order and email me so we can arrange that.
  • April 16th, 2020 update: At this time we are unable to ship directly to Sweden or Switzerland, or Russia. I can hold your order for you, or I can send it to an alternate address in the US to be forwarded to you since the US is still able to ship to Sweden and Switzerland and Russia as of right now. 
  • If you have any concerns, please feel free to reach out to me by email, at info@girlybitspolish.com or using the contact form on the web site.


The safety, well-being, and health of our customers and our family is of utmost importance to me. I hope that you and your loved ones are managing well during this unsettling time. If there is anything I can do to help you, please reach out via email. Once again, I thank you for being with us, and supporting our little business. Together, we can do this.


Much love,



Thank you for your continued support!
~The Girly Bits Team

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