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Seal the Deal

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Seal the Deal ~ No-Wipe UV/LED Gel Soak-Off Top Coat - 15mL

This durable and shiny gel top coat is the perfect base and top coat to use with any of our special effect nail powders, as well as a great top coat over any other gel systems. Seal the Deal can be used with any gel, acrylic, wrap or polish.

Cure times: Cure with 9 watt UV Lamp for 3 minutes or an LED lamp for 30 seconds. No need to wipe after curing, as Seal the Deal will not leave a tacky residue. Soak off with acetone or gel polish remover.

{pro tip #1} If you want to try out our gel products with out the commitment, you can use a peel off base coat as your first step before applying any other products to the natural nail and this will assist with easy removal. It will not provide you with extended wear, but it will allow you to try it out before committing to a longer-term gel mani. Simply apply a generous base layer of your favourite peel off base coat (I highly recommend Dance Legend Peel Off Glitter Bases) and when fully dry, proceed with your gel product applications. When you want to remove it, I suggest soaking your hands in warm water for a few minutes (after a shower is perfect) and applying a drop of cuticle oil such as Girly Bits Frazzle Fixer to each nail. Begin by working a wooden manicure stick under the side of each nail and you should find they begin to lift off quite easily.

{pro tip #2} Don't skimp on the amount of Seal the Deal you apply to the nail, and apply it in slow even strokes from cuticle to tip, with very light pressure. This will prevent the product from dragging and creating gaps and pits in the surface that you can not see (until after you cure it, then you will see it and no one wants that!). Start with a decent sized bead of Seal the Deal on the brush, and if you end up with too much product on the nail, you can wipe the brush on the neck of the bottle and then go back and use long strokes on the nail to remove excess product from the nail} The product does not dry until you cure it under the UV or LED lamp, so you have a bit of time to get your application the way you want it. Do be aware of the product self leveling (sliding to the edges of the nail by gravity) so you will want to be sure and tidy that up and away from your sidewalls and cuticles so that it doesn’t touch your skin when it’s curing. If you cure the product while it is touching your skin, it will create a ridge or edge and will make lifting much more likely. If after curing, you find you have ridges or pits or uneven application, you can lightly buff the surface of the gel with a fine grit sanding block to even out the surface. Brush off any dust and proceed with another application of Seal the Deal.

Instructions for using Seal the Deal as a base coat for Special Effect Nail Powders:


1) Apply your choice of gel polish to properly prepared nails and cure as directed. {pro tip- Black is the perfect base for most SFX nail powders, but try colours other than black for super cool effects!}
2) Top coat with Girly Bits SEAL THE DEAL, and cure with 9 watt UV Lamp for 3 minutes or a LED lamp for 30 seconds. 

3) Once Seal the Deal is fully cured, do not wipe or touch the surface of the nail, and proceed with applying the SFX nail powders as instructed. Pick up a small amount of SFX pigment on your tool and buff it into the surface of the nail using a moderate amount of pressure.  You will find this easiest to do with a silicone tool or a clean eye makeup sponge. You can use your finger if you don't have a silicone tool, a clean eye shadow sponge, or a white makeup wedge.
4)  Keep buffing and rubbing until it transforms into a mirror shine. You don't have to worry about rubbing it off. It will stick to the tack-free surface well, and the more you buff it the shinier it will become. Pick up more product as needed. Be sure and get it all the way to the cuticle and side wall areas. After it completely covers the surface of the nail and becomes shiny buff it all in one direction for the smoothest, shiniest look.
5) **IMPORTANT STEP** Once you have buffed it in completely, be sure and wipe away ALL excess powder from the surface of the nail, as well as the cuticle and side wall area. I have found that a kabuki makeup brush or fan brush works well, but you can use a soft lint free cloth. Be sure you have brushed away all excess chrome particles to keep that perfect mirror shine finish once you apply a top coat and prevent it from looking shimmery.
6)  Top coat with a moderate amount of tack-free gel top coat, and cure as directed.
7)  OPTIONAL: For an extreme mirror finish (or to fill any gaps or cover mistakes) you can follow with anther application of your Mirror Chrome nail powder following the same method from Step #3 onward. {always top coat with another application of the tack-free gel top coat and cure}
8)  Once you are satisfied with your finished look, you can wipe with a cotton pad and 99% alcohol and you're done. You can also apply a hard gel top coat of your choice for added durability and protection.
9)  Admire your super cool nails!




Bis-HEA Polycaprolactone/IPDI Copolymer, Polyol Acrylate, Pentaerythritol(EO)n Tetraacrylate
Flammable. Injurious to eyes. Use and store in well-ventilated area away from heat or flame. Avoid contact with eyes, skin and clothing. Avoid breathing vapour.

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  1. This is THE BEST gel topcoat I have ever used  star rating

    Posted by Unknown on 5th Mar 2020

    I bought this with some powders and ended up falling in love. It is simply the best gel topcoat around. It cures hard and shiny in 3 minutes. No clouding,no stickiness. It makes sense that it's out of stock often. I plan on buying a few backups when it's restocked. A refill size would be AMAZING!

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