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Removing Glitter Polish

Glitter nail polish is famously difficult to remove. So much so, that lots of people avoid wearing glitter, like the plague. We are talking, get out the jackhammer, tough to remove. A big pain in the rump.  

The perfect fix for that is, the FOIL method, and if you didn't already know about this, you will LOVE ME for it.

Tear apart some cotton balls, or cut up some cotton pads into pieces that will just cover your nail. Soak it in acetone, place it on the top of your nail, and wrap the tip of your finger, and the cotton, in tin foil. Do all 5 fingers on one hand, and leave for about 3-5 minutes. When its time to remove it, apply slight pressure to the nail, and wiggling it a tiny bit, pull it off your finger maintaining slight pressure on the nail, and if  you have waited long enough, ALL the glitter polish comes off in one swoop.

You *might have some little glitter bits in your cuticles etc, but nothing a quick swipe with some more cotton and remover won't fix. 

Wash your hands and apply moisturizer after this.

You are Welcome ♥ 

Felt is also really helpful when removing glitter, or any polish for that matter. It's a little more abrasive, and does a good job with textured polishes, and helps exfoliate the cuticles a little as well. Cheap dollar store felt is just fine for this. I have used both white and black felt. You might want to stay away from red, as the colour might bleed out. Felt can also be rinsed and re-used a few times.

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