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January Morning ~ A Memorial Tribute

In loving memory of Carl Murtagh

In January of 2010 my Dad passed away after bravely facing Alzheimer's disease. My immediate family consists of myself and my husband, and our three girls, my brother and his son, and my Mom and Dad. My dad was in a long term care facility after he had a mild heart attack and we were no longer able to care for him at home due to mobility and toileting issues. Between my Mom, my brother and my self, someone was with my Dad every single day for the better part of the day, and when we knew the time had come for him, -it was a Tuesday- we camped out at the LTCF with him 24 hours a day until he passed on the Sunday. The staff was excellent to us, feeding us, and giving us our privacy. I personally took over my Dad's care for that time, and the staff was very respectful of that and even let us take his bed and all our belongings into the common room, with a TV and couches etc and more space so our little family could camp out in relative comfort. On Saturday morning, as the sun rose, we opened the curtains in the huge bay window and let the sun wash over him. It seemed to breathe some life and energy into him, as that day was the best day he had had in a while. He was more responsive, and comfortable than we had seen him in weeks. My brother took a gorgeous photo of that sunrise, which we later used on Dad's memorial card, as it was the last sunrise he saw.  He passed at almost 4 am Sunday, and we left for home at 7 am. When we stepped outside, we realized it had been snowing all night, and on the drive home everything was completely covered in the MOST beautiful crystallized snow I  have EVER seen. Every tree branch, telephone wire and fence post was just gleaming with these diamonds. When we arrived home,  I touched the porch railing expecting it to be hard and frozen since it looked like diamonds. It was so soft and melted immediately. I will never forget it, it was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. I had never seen anything like that, nor have I seen it again. My 18 year old daughter came up with the idea for the colour, asking me to make a polish that looked as sparkly as the snow did the day that Grandpa died. And of course the name popped into my head immediately. I had no intention of it having a double meaning, but of course Morning could be interpreted as Mourning. And also my Mom`s initials are JM.

So this polish, called January Morning, holds a special place in my heart.
 And I am happy to share it with you.
This is one coat over white. It is intentionally sheer, so it can be layered over other colours as well.

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