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Franken Polish or Frankening

It was my own love of frankening that led me to developing my own line of nail polish*.

Frankening is the process of mixing polishes together to create a new and original colour, or adding glitter to an existing polish. The name comes from Frankenstein, who created his monster using bits and pieces of other things. A franken polish is traditionally created by mixing two or more polishes together to get a desired colour/shade.

You can have a lot of fun mixing your existing polishes together, coming up with some really pretty, and unique colours for next to nothing.

Creating a franken polish is a LOT of trial and error.

Creating a Franken Polish


Creating a Franken polish is a great way to make use of polish that you may have purchased but found that you were not crazy about the colour once it was on the nail. Theses make good bases for a Franken polish.

You can purchase empty nail lacquer bottles or you can clean out any old nail lacquer bottles with pure acetone to use in Frankening.

Some glitters will have a tendency to bleed or melt so testing is always recommended before creating an entire bottle of polish. This is especially true if you are using glitter that was purchased from a craft store or from a retailer that does not list it as solvent resistant. The performance of the glitter can also change when used in different bases.

NOTE: All Girly Bits glitter are listed as solvent resistant based on extensive testing done by us and according to the manufacturer's conditions. As it is not possible for us to test every glitter in all nail polish bases that are manufactured it is strongly recommended that customers perform testing to ensure solvent resistance in their own bases. Girly Bits cannot guarantee the performance of our glitters in all situations.


Jelly Polish

A jelly polish can be created by adding a fair bit of clear polish to an existing creme polish.


Dark Polishes

Be cautious when adding dark coloured polishes to a Franken polish as some are really pigmented and it only takes a few drops.

It is suggested that you add dark colours to light colours, not the other way around.


Glitter or Flakie Polishes

Add other coloured polish to a glitter or flakie polish rather than adding them to the coloured polish.


Using a Franken Starter Kit

Our Franken Starter Kits allow you to create your own polish from scratch using the Suspension Base and glitters selected. (A suspension base is always needed when creating a glitter polish otherwise the glitter will likely bleed or will sink to the bottom. Sunken glitter is fine if you do not mind shaking the bajezzus outta the polish every time you use it!)

Again, creating a franken polish is trial and error. There is no right or wrong way to do it.


Adding Glitter

To add glitter to your creation you can do this a couple of different ways.

One is to create a paper funnel. Use a small piece of paper (post-it sized) and create the funnel so that the bottom fits into the neck of the bottle.

Another great way is to cut the end of a straw on an angle, creating a sort of scoop that you can use to scoop the glitter out of your glitter bag or container and pour into the polish bottle.



Be sure not to fill any bottle all the way to the top. If there is no airspace it is next to impossible to mix it well, and you also run the risk of an exploding bottle.

It happens, trust us!



Stainless steel balls help keep your polish mixed.

Be sure to use stainless steel and not zinc coated balls as they often rust, ultimately ruining your creations.


Have fun creating! And do not forget to show us what you come up with! Share your photos on our Facebook page.


*Girly Bits Nail Lacquer is not made by mixing other nail polishes together. We use brand new, raw ingredients and create our polishes from scratch.

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