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The Making of Julia


On Tuesday, June 2nd I had the pleasure of hosting Andrew Banar of Group Hug Apparel in the Girly Bits studio to help me make the first batch of our collaboration "Julia", inspired by Andrew's girlfriend. 

Together with his mom Karen Pickle, Andrew founded Group Hug Apparel, originally a t-shirt company featuring his hand drawn designs. His goal was to raise a little money so that he could go to college. His "little" company has grown in the last seven years to include totes, aprons, hoodies and baby onesies.

Read the complete press release HERE.

Andrew has also used his company as a way to give back. He donates a portion of his sales from various community festivals and events to a number of local charities. To date, Andrew has donated over $35,000 to such charities as W.E. Care For Kids, the Children’s Health Foundation at the London Sick Kids Hospital and many more.

Andrew spends a good part of his spare time working on his "Andrew's Helping Sick Kids One T-shirt At A Time Campaign" where he sends new teddy bears and Group Hug Apparel t-shirts (or onesies depending upon how tiny his recipient is!) to kids around the world who are sick in the hospital or going through treatment for an illness. Andrew sends his love and support in a personal letter with each package to keep them brave and strong. Say it together "Awe...!"

Check out how much fun we had creating this bright pink, super sparkly beauty! (Photo credits: Mackenzie Heil)

Weighing out just the right amount of sparkle!!

This is the first prototype bottle, and we are making the first official batch to match.

In goes the base colour!

And now to add all the sparkle and twinkle we so carefully measured and weighed.

Piles of glitter are SO pretty!!!



It's nearly finished!!!

Andrew carefully pours the finishes mix into the dispensing bottle. Look how bright and pretty it is!

Two stainless steel balls go into every single bottle, to help keep all that sparkle and bling mixed up.

All done!! So pretty!! Great job Andrew!

Time to label the bottoms.

Andrew Banar of Group Hug Apparel

Andrew carefully lines up each label.

So proud. I bet Julia is going to LOVE this! What a lucky girl right?

                        Andrew and Julia

I am extremely proud to introduce our collaboration…Julia. A bright bubble gum, hot neon pink shimmery polish with light microglitter, silver flakes and a smidge of holographic sparkle. Super girly!

Julia is available for pre-order starting NOW!

$3.00 from the sale of each bottle will go toward Andrew's Helping Sick Kids One T-Shirt At A Time Campaign.

Julia by Girly Bits

Thank you so much Andrew! If you weren't such a busy guy, I would hire you!

Here is a quick video clip of Andrew and I pouring the batch we just made.

Julia is available for pre-order NOW! All orders containing Julia will begin to ship the week of June 22nd.

Happy Shopping!



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