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Base & Top Coats

Getting the most out of your manicure means starting with the best foundation and finishing with the ultimate top coat. We here at Girly Bits Cosmetics are proud to offer you what I have found to be the best in nail care products to help you create the most beautiful, long lasting polish applications. We also offer the highest quality CUTICLE OIL to keep them looking their best between polish applications as well.

In my experience, a holo nail polish applies much better and with out dragging and leaving bald spots, if you use GIRLY BITS POLISH MATTE'RS  as a base coat. The polish seems to stick better to it, and the holo pops. Try it!  Holos are also notoriously chippy. You can get more wear out of your gorgeous holos if you do what is called a top coat sandwich. You layer your polish with a layer of top coat in the middle, giving extended life to the wear and tear of the thin holos. It stacks like this- treatment, base coat, colour, top coat, another layer of colour, final  top coat.

Some glitter nail polishes are known for drying with a rough, matte texture, and often referred to as 'eating the top coat' or being 'glitter hungry'. This means that the top coat appears to sink into the glitter, and it doesn't leave is smooth and shiny. My favourite way to deal with this, is after applying  the glitter nail polish, apply a layer or Gelous (found at Sally Beauty Supply. Yes it is intended as a base coat, but it sucks as a base coat-Too thick and causes peelies) and then apply  GIRLY BITS GLITTER GLAZE QUICK DRY TOP COAT on top of that. This smooths out the hungriest of glitters and gives the ultimate glossy finish.

Regardless of the nail polish you choose, I always recommend one of our QUICK DRY TOP COATS to seal and protect your manicure and give it a gorgeous shine that lasts for days. If you prefer a more chic matte or satin finish, try GIRLY BITS POLISH MATTE'RS TOP COAT.

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