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Girly Bits Cosmetics is a Canadian company that has been handcrafting quality nail polish since 2011 in a dazzling array of colours and finishes. As a brand dedicated to providing cruelty free, on-trend and unique products, Girly Bits Cosmetics is well known for outstanding customer service, quality formulas and charitable donations. With worldwide shipping, and availability at several retailers around the globe you can be sure to easily find the season’s hottest new shades, as well as timeless customer favourites.

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"I found a love for all things nail polish after my dad was sick and I moved in to take care of him. I wanted to make polish my full-time career so I quit my teaching job and now just make polish full time! We launched with our IT inspired collection and We All Float is one of our most requested polishes to this day." ~Sarah, owner of Bee's Knees Lacquer

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BLUSH Lacquers is an Indiana based nail polish brand established in the summer of 2016. Created by a lifelong artist, BLUSH was formed with the idea of creating sophisticated, elegant and feminine polishes that bring out each individual’s own beauty. They are crafted with high quality and cosmetic grade ingredients that utilize unique color combinations and finishes. 




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“I began making polish in 2011 when I could not find the red holo I was longing to have.” says brand owner Lean Ann.  “I ordered a few supplies and began testing and trying to create that red.  Then the navy I was looking for and then other colors followed.  After 2 years of creating and perfecting I realized I loved creating polish so much that CbL was born.  I love what I do and love sharing my creations with all of you and hope they bring as much joy to you as they do to me!”

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Sammy started out like everyone else, as a lady who loved nail art, who also loved acetone and who eventually needed a solution for dry, cracked nails and cuticles. She started making cuticle oils and it wasn't very long before her sense of humour creeped in and the scent list, comprised of things like Gingerbread Latte and Bacon Vanilla Milkshake, started to attract the attention of others. Pretty soon, she found herself owning and operating a full fledged indie business of her own!

Cuter Cuticles is going on its third year in business and there's no end in sight thanks to some of the most loyal and creative customers and friends. These customers - affectionately nicknamed "Cuties" - actively participate in the creative aspects of Cuter Cuticles with invaluable input and suggestions. Sammy says “Cuter Cuticles owes a lot to its Cuties. Here's to many more years together!”

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"Dance Legend brand appeared in 2001. Every year we are getting better and always strive to perfect quality. Since we opened international shop, we are constantly improving our service and always ready to help our clients. Today we are ready to deliver your order anywhere in the world! Thank you for being with us!"

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Dixie Plates is a boutique stamping brand that launched in June, 2016, and is owned by Kate Dix - British born - living in Melbourne, Australia.

A nail tech by trade, Kate was being asked regularly to bring out her own stamping plates by many of her friends and fellow nail technicians. Thanks to a small inheritance she was able to bring the dream to life.

Kate adores stamping and wanted to bring all the images she loves, to everybody in a series of high quality stamping plates.

Kevin (Kate's husband and chief packer-upper of products) is the other member of the Dixie Plates Australian team. 

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Dreamland Lacquer is an artisan nail polish company based in Missouri. Dreamland was created in the summer of 2012 as Smitten Polish, and was born of a deep love of color and a (slight) obsession with nail polish. Our creator, Noelie, was a passionate collector and blogger about nail polish, so it was an easy transition into experimenting with making her own lacquers. The name was changed from Smitten Polish to Dreamland Lacquer in 2016 due to trademark issues.

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"Eliza Jane Soap Company was founded, and handcrafted shall we say, in the heart of Central Alberta with a foundation based on passion, hard work, family, and the love of Art & Soapmaking!

My Mother always said "If you're going to do something then do it with all your heart, and be the best you can be at it". So we've tried our hardest to do what Mom says!

We've put our best into everything we create using only high quality ingredients and materials. We always search out local ingredients and elicit handcrafted workmanship in the equipment we use.

"Buy Local" means a lot to us, so we practice what we preach and buy local as much as we can. All our exotic ingredients are purchased through local Canadian or Albertan suppliers.

All our soaps and bath products are beautiful inside and out and we pride ourselves with knowing that our high standards are passed on to our customers with every product we sell.
Satisfaction Guaranteed!"

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In 2013 Ellagee began as a way for a color obsessed former nurse to make sparkly things for herself and a few friends and has grown into a well respected luxury artisan brand. Always 5-free and cruelty-free of course, ellagee polishes are innovative and of the highest quality, elevating nail polish to art.

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"Established in 2011 Femme Fatale is the leading Australian online boutique for handmade cosmetics & lacquer, plus additional beauty care items produced by small-scale businesses. We stock over 40 unique & vibrant artisan brands from around the world, with new products arriving each week."

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Moo Moo's Signatures offers artisan nail polish and collectible needle felted animals handcrafted with love in Singapore. They sprinkle passion to every item they created, it expresses and enhances your unique personality.

Moo Moo Signatures believes their finest design brings you a priceless gift for your loved ones.

All products are never tested on animals.

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Mitty is the fastest growing Australian nail art brand . Mitty stands for innovation, quality, passion, and most importantly FUN. Leave ordinary behind and become EXTRA-ordinary with Mitty. Mitty Brushes have been reviewed by the best, as the best brushes on the planet. No other brush compares to the quality, innovation and design of a Mitty brush. Mitty brushes are the most loved highly reviewed brushes on Instagram and Facebook.

Mitty has the largest selection of Chrome Powders, Holo Powders, & Shattered Powders that are the highest quality cosmetic grade pigments available. POWDERS THAT WORK ON NORMAL POLISH OR GEL POLISH.

Clean-up is a breeze with Flawless Finish by Mitty & Polish Off Soakies. Say goodbye to Gel or Glitter polish super easy with Soakies.

All Mitty products are cruelty FREE, not tested on Animals, Vegan, and sourced from responsibly farmed environmentally friendly resources.

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"All nailvinyls are made by me personally, at NailVinyls HQ. They are not mass produced in a factory somewhere. I also pack each order myself. This is a "one woman" operation. When I am not being "the nailvinyl lady," I am raising two young teenage girls with my husband, taking care of our home, and painting my nails. I am also a contract makeup artist and "retired" Esthetics Instructor."

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"Native War Paints was created by me, Amanda Pigeon-Scribner.  I am a member of the Pokagon band of Pottawatomie located in southwest Michigan and northern Indiana.  I'm a former Miss Potawatomi Nation and I started mixing or "frankening" at a young age. I enjoyed mixing different colors together to make something new. I always dreamed of owning my own polish line and the Artisan, Indie polish craze has helped make that dream a reality."

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After years of reviewing nail polish from a variety of brands both indie and mainstream, Jessica of jessface90 on YouTube has finally opened up her own line of indie nail polish.

Years of reviews and thousands of swatches have allowed Jessica to retain a vast amount of knowledge about nail polish trends, what makes a quality polish, and what people want in a polish. She applies that knowledge to every batch of Nine Zero Lacquer to bring you amazing quality and customer service. If a Nine Zero polish doesn't stand up to the same scrutiny that Jessica reviews other brands with, it doesn't make it past the polish desk.

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"Pahlish is independently owned and operated by husband and wife team Shannon Pahlas Pummill and Josh Pummill and located in Nashville TN. Inspired by our fascination with music, art, and history; we strive to bring unique and unexpected shades to nail lovers all over the world! Pahlish is 5-free and cruelty free"

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All SoGa Artisan Soaperie products are handcrafted in small batches in Winnipeg, using only natural vegetable oils, exotic butters, clays and botanicals which are vegan and certified cruelty-free. The company is best known for its skin-friendly handcrafted soaps in distinctive formulations such as Like a Sir, Black Raspberry Vanilla, Prairie Fields, Sandalwood Vanilla and Bergamot and Lime.

They also offer scrubs, lotions, bubble bath and custom soap cakes and slices, perfect for gifting.

SoGa Artisan Soaperie vegan and gluten-free soaps have been gifted at GBK’s Luxury Gift Lounges for the Academy Awards and the Primetime Emmy Awards. The company was featured most recently in Vogue.

Owner Louise tell us “We know you will enjoy what we have created for your skin as we have taken years of experience and a little bit of creative flair in our choice of ingredients, colors and textures.”

SoGa Artisan Soaperie



"Love, Angeline is one of hundreds of indie, or artisan, beauty companies on the market today. As a faithful wife with three kids, a business that is growing leaps and bounds, and all of life’s other regular responsibilities I am honored that you are considering purchasing my products. So thank you for being here!"

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Tonic is a 5-Free, cruelty free, artisinal nail polish brand. Established in June of 2016, each bottle is hand made in Iowa by a lifelong nail polish devotee with a background in fashion design. Tonic polishes are made with with the goal of creating something unexpected, exciting, and a little distracting - the kind of polish that will keep you gazing at your nails all day!

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"We began as a small idea.

We were crafted by a single woman who saw a great need for decent sized nail stamps that were perfect for all sizes and shapes of nails - yet weren't overwhelming like many full nail stamp plate images. With care and research the idea grew into an obsession and eventually into what we are today: UberChic Beauty.

With customer service, attention to detail and copious hours of design work - we've made UberChic Beauty into one of the leaders of Indie Stamp Plate Makers. Each design is crafted with tender loving care so when a plate is finally produced - you know it'll be worth your time and attention."

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Whats Up Nails began in September 2014 as one of the few companies who were designing and manufacturing vinyl stencils for nails. We started expanding our nail art offerings with the primary goal to provide nail art lovers with high quality products to create beautiful designs at home. We currently offer unique designer products like stamping plates, water decals, nail vinyls as well as the highest quality and largest selection of powders and flakies on the market. We also supply long lasting detail and clean up brushes as well as the world famous watermarble tool.

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